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Saint Lazarus

The cult of Saint Lazarus is one of the most popular traditions in the Island. This worship emerged of the catholic and Yoruba religions and it is related to a poor leprous man, a friend of Jesus, revived in a … Continue reading

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The Miraculous Woman

The Cemetery of Colón, in Havana looks rather like a garden than a burial ground; it is an obligatory place of visit for those who really want to know the capital of the largest of the Antilles. Its baroque architecture, … Continue reading

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Perico Donkey

This donkey is neither the one that accompanied Sancho in the adventures of Don Quixote; nor Platero, a character born from Juan Ramón Jiménez imagination. It is about Perico a popular donkey in Santa Clara City, in the central part … Continue reading

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The Dominos

Walking around any of the Cuban neighborhoods youd certainly find a noisy group of a contagious joy, placed around a table with four rustic chairs or simple boxes, and people playing the Cubans preferred game: the dominos. The dominos have … Continue reading

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