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Ochosi (Santiago Archangel), son of Yemaya, is a major orisha. He is the patron of those in trouble with justice; he is magician, fortune teller, warrior, fisherman and hunter.

When invoked he is called as Ochosi Ode Mata, and he is the owner of the skins. Tuesdays are his days, the same as Oggun, but attentions are granted on Mondays, together with Eleggua and Oggun. His festivity is celebrated every November 9th. Ebbó can be made with Ochosi, in order to success a surgery, because he has a great relationship with Abbata, who plays the roll of the nurse of Inle (doctor of the Orishas).

He is the best hunter. He never fails when hunting, and knows the woodland as much as Eleggua and Oggun. There was a time when the thickness of the woodland prevented him to reach his prey.

Desperate by this situation he consulted Orula, who commanded him to make Ebbó. Ochosi and Oggun were enemy because Echu had sowed discord between them, but both were in similar troubles. Although Oggun was very fast laying his way between the weeds, animals always heard him and run away.

Oggun also had consulted Orula getting the same answer from him. Thus each one was by their account in the woodland doing Ebbó when they met and started to talk.

They shared their problems and established a friendship. While they talked, they glimpsed a deer in the distant. Quickly, Ochosi threw one of his arrows which pierced the neck of the animal killing it. “You already see “he sighed” I have killed it but the thickness prevents me to reach it “.

Then Oggun took his machete and quickly opened a way between them and the deer. Very content both of them reached the animal and shared it. Since then they made a pact at the house of Orula, in which they expressed that one without the other were nothing, and they needed mutually to live.

Thats why Ochosi, the hunter, always walks with Oggun, the owner of irons. Their children are the prototype of primitive hunter, fast men, always kind, lovers of change and new ventures.

Receptacle: Lives next to Oggun, in the same iron pan, separate them only in extreme case.

Attributes: All instrument related to hunting and fishing, hunting trophies, spouses.

Necklace: Dark blue beads and a single amber (or chorale) bead between sections.

Sacrificed animals: The same of Oggun.

Animals offered to him: Goat, chickens, doves, jutías, quail, any hunted bird, guinea- hen.

Ebbó: Work of Santería. Ceremony that can be of offering, sacrifice or purification. The Ebbos are for refreshing, to compliment, to win the love of the Orishas for the simplest questions, from a bath with flowers and grass, to lighting candies for the deities.

This work is focused to make the good and persons dont need to be initiated in the religion to make it.

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