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Salsa evolved from Son when mixing with rumba and danzon. Later, this rhythm adopted aspects of other Latin-American musical genres as it made itself known abroad.

This rhythm got a special influence in United States in the thirties with jazz music contributions.

Particularly in New York City, this "modern" genre would achieve great development and from that moment on it was called: Salsa.

Today, there is an extensive misuse of its name to refer to all dance music of Latin origin. Its just a syncopated and very rhythmical music in which prevail percussion, wind instruments and voice. Its lyrics mainly reflect romantic themes and those relating to local customs. Its typical dance performs six steps on an eight-time.

One of the promoters of this sort of music was Cuban Arsenio Rodriguez during the forties and fifties followed in the sixties by two essential names: Tito Puentes from Puerto Rico and Celia Cruz also from Cuba. The seventies was the time of greatest trade height of this expanded Latin-American musical product and today is already mixed even with rock and rap.