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Yewá lives inside a grave of the cemetery, transformed into a owl. An elder, virgin, extremely serious one. In her presence nobody can get undressed, make loves, say obscenities, or quarrel and not even speak loudly or behave rudely.

Friday is her day and her feast is on October 30th for some people, and August 12th for some others . She is one of the three orishas of the "trilogy of the dead."

Yewá has great prestige for her oracles, and her children undergo the most rigid austerity.

Receptacle: A little house inside a basket covered in pick and red colour.

Tools: Bell ekón type and another one tinier inside, made both of white metal.

Necklaces: pink, blue, and red beads.

Sacrificed Animals: Young female goats, pigeons and Guinea -hens.