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Osun (Saint Juan Bautista) acts as messenger of Obatala and Olofi. Orula make use of him to obtain powers and the real knowledge of divination. He is the one who watches the head of believers.

This orisha doesnt wear collars, and is not of possession either. He is of irradiation, he is received when The Warriors (Eleggua, Oggun and Ochosi) are given. He represents the very life. He was the watchman of Obatala, who lived with his wife Yemu and his three children Oggun, Ochosi and Eleggua. Oggun was the favourite and the other two must obey him.

We already know that Oggun was in love with his mother and several times had tried to rape her, but Eleggua always warned Osun the watchman, who came and told off Oggun. One day Oggun ordered Eleggua to leave the house and bribed Osun with corn so he did not expose him while he abused of his mother.

Eleggua told everything to Obatala, who could not believe it, but decided to go to the house where he found Osun sleeping and Oggun abusing of his mother. Then Oggun cursed himself and Obatala told Osun: "I trusted you, and you sold yourself for some corn".

For this reason Osun lost his position and Eleggua became into the watchman of his father Obatala. He uses all colors because Osun means colour or paint. Sometimes white, blue, yellow and red are attributed to him. When a santero dies the image of Osun that he had in the house is usually introduced in his coffin. He lives in a high place which exceeds the person height.

He cannot fall to the ground, or in the place where he is, if something of this happens, is because he is warning of something, and quickly it is necessary to go with the padrino who gave The Warriors to find out what happens, and he must feed the Orisha. He is the stability of the initiated person.
He is not attended as the warriors, he only eats when they eat, or when one falls. He doesnt use receptacle or attributes, because he is an Orisha that carries his foundation within himself.

Offerings: Fresh fruits, not very ripe.

Sacrificed Animals: His specific animal is dove, but the animals offered to Eleggua, Oggun and Ochosi can also be offered to him.