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This orisha has three spirits: Oludumare Nzame, Olofin and Baba Nkwa. Olodumare Nzame created the sun, the moon, the earth, the stars, the day and the night.

It is considered the mother. She created the first men Omo Oba, who was immortal. He was also arrogant and immodest, so Olodumaré ordered his destruction; but, as he was immortal could not be destroyed. His name nowadays is Olosi. He lives in the earth and tries to make human beings to reveal against Olodumare.

Later on, Olodumare created another man, immortal, born from Olofin Sekume who has a woman and multiplies. Olofin is the father. See other story related to the humankind creation in Obatalá.

Olordumare it is not materialized, it is not received; it does not have receptacle either or feast.