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The kingdom of this orisha is the profound ocean; its wealth belongs to him. In some version it is one of the path of Yemayá.

Sometimes it is represented half men, half fish, although it is not defined. It always appears with a mask. It is a powerful deity, terrible and extremely mysterious. It represents the terrifying image of the sea, the one hidden to men. It is said it is bisexual and lives enchained in the profound sea. In a cave it has its palace surrounded by gem stones and ivory walls.

Receptacle: There are two path: in some houses is given only one jar, in some others are given a jar with another little one inside.

Tools: anchor, key, life preserver, ship steer, screw propeller, half-noon, boat, mermaid, sun, and a doll with the arms extended whose hands holds a mask and a snake.

Necklace: There are many, the blue ones prevail with red, green and yellow beads. In some cases black or white ones.

Sacrificed animals: chickens, pigeons, Guinea-hen, duck, turtle.