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This deity is the patron of the mountains. The orisha (Santiago Apostle) is part of Obbatalá, he lives next to him in a dessert dish, covered with cotton.

When Obbatala has 5 otás, four of them live in the soup pot, the fifth is Oké; when it has 8 otás, seven live inside; the eight is Oké. This orisha is the hill, the master of the mountain. It is the strength and guardian of all deities, Obbatalá and Olofis pillar.

He is used to powder the afoché.

It is an orisha of fundament, thats why it does not have tools. It is used to defeat enemies and difficulties.

Receptacle: Lives in a white dessert dish, covered with cotton.

Sacrificed animals: The ones used for Obbatalá, since they eat together. Only in that moment he is next to the other Otas.