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Orishas Greater

Orishas Greater

Aggayu Solá:
The orisha of the dry earth, of the desert, is Aggayú Solá (Saint Christopher). He is the patron of the walkers, drivers, aviators and stevedores. He is Changós father.

Babalu Ayé:
The name Babalú Ayé has a Lucumí origin, he is also known as Agróniga-Omobitasa, who was one of Yemayá lovers. For some other people he is an ill old man, the eldest of the Babalú.

Is the orisha of fire, lightening and thunders, wars, dances, music and masculine beauty.

Orisha of the ways and mens destiny, he is the first of the four warriors (Elegguá, Oggún, Ochosi and Osún) and the first one among all, because Olofin -the supreme of the universe - gave him that authority. He protects homes and is the personification of the fate.

Deity of purity and therefore, owner of every white thing and silver. Earth creator, (Virgen de la Merced) ended the work of Olofin when finishing forming the head of men, thats why he rules on thoughts and dreams.

Warrior orisha and owner of the lakes and water resources, guardian of the graves, symbol of the women who suffer and make their best to keep the family together. Oyá has always been in love with Changó.

Ochosi (Santiago Archangel), son of Yemaya, is a major orisha. He is the patron of those in trouble with justice; he is magician, fortune teller, warrior, fisherman and hunter.

The most beautiful and youngest orisha Ochun (Nuestra Señora de la Caridad del Cobre, patroness of Cuba), is the goddess of love, femininity and the river, which represents purification. Symbol of feminine coquetry, attractiveness and sensuality...

He is one of the oldest orishas of the yoruba vault. God of minerals and tools. Pattern of the blacksmiths and blacksmith himself.

The Orisha of divination and wisdom (Saint Francisco of Assisi), Orula in Cuba, is one of the most beloved. He leads the cult of Ifá, the Benefactor.

The violent and impetuous Oyá (Virgin of the Candelaria), loves the war and accompanies Changó in her battles. She is the owner of the cemetery and lives in its door, near Obba and Yewá, the other "dead ones ".

Mother of life and all orishas, she is the owner of the waters and represents the sea (in the cost, because in the depths Olokun reigns). Her punishments are hard and her anger terrible, although she acts with justice.

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