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Warrior orisha and owner of the lakes and water resources, guardian of the graves, symbol of the women who suffer and make their best to keep the family together. Oyá has always been in love with Changó.

She cut her ears (after an advice of Ochún) to satiate Changós appetite. When he realized it, he rejected her brutally. She felt humiliated and ran to the grave yard, in her solitude she became the guardian of the graves.

According to other versions Obá committed suicide when Changó left her for Oyá. ObbaFriday is her day and her feast is on November 25th. Along with Yewá and Oyá she is part of the so called "trilogy of the dead", orishas living in the graveyard.

Receptacle: Soup pot painted with pink and yellow flowers.

Tools: wooden anvil, knife to sacrifice her animals, sword, two keys, (one in her pot, and the other one in Ochúns) shield, mask, ship steer, book, cuirass, ears, two twisted bracelets( all this made in cooper).

Necklace: pink and amber beads, matipo, or lily or purple beads.

Sacrificed animals: Pigeons, hens, goats.