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Deity of purity and therefore, owner of every white thing and silver. Earth creator, (Virgen de la Merced) ended the work of Olofin when finishing forming the head of men, thats why he rules on thoughts and dreams. He is merciful and loving of peace and harmony.

The other Orishas respect him and look for him as a lawyer, because to make the good was the mission Olofin assigned him. He dresses in white and its collar is white as well. Only Ayaguna, a young Obatala, wears a red ribbon diagonal in the chest, symbol of the time when he was a warrior and cleaned his sword to leave violence. Obatala is a direct son of Olofi and Oloddumare. It is said that at the beginning of things, when Olordumare came down to the world, she was accompany by her son. There was only water under the sky.

Then Olordumare gave Obatala a handful of soil and a hen. He threw the soil forming a knoll in the middle of the sea, and the hen scratched the soil and scattered it forming the world we know. Olofi ordered Obatala to form mens body , therefore he did it and ended placing the head over the shoulders. For that reason Obatala is the owner of heads. His festivity is celebrated on September 24th, it lives in a high place, but lower than Osun.

ObatalaThere was a time when men were preparing a celebration to honour the Orishas, but they neglected Yemaya. She was furious, swore in to the sea so it swallow the land. The scared and frightened men implored to Obatala, who intervened in the way of Yemaya. She stopped the waters as the owner of the sea she was, and ceased her rage, in an act of respect.

All numbers multiples and sub-multiple of 8 belong to Obatala. His children, are protected from blindness, paralysis and dementia, are people of a strong will, calm and worthy of confidence, very respectful and eloquent.

They are reserved and assume the consequences of their own decisions without regret. He always wears white dresses.

Receptacle: White plate, which keeps the Otás inside. It also takes cotton and the corresponding tools.

Attributes: Silver and all white metals, ivory.

Necklace: White beads, some times wears beads of colours according to the way.

Meals: Meringue, rice pudding, white custard, butter of cacao, white pumpkin, granular fruits or white sandy, husk, no food takes salt.

Sacrificed Animals: Goat, dove, guineafowl, and white hen.

Tools: Command baton or Sceptre, a sun, one half-moon, a snake, a poayé, a white iruke and 2 handles.