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Orisha of the ways and mens destiny, he is the first of the four warriors (Elegguá, Oggún, Ochosi and Osún) and the first one among all, because Olofin -the supreme of the universe - gave him that authority. He protects homes and is the personification of the fate. His partner is Echu, the one that is present in all the misfortunes.

Both complemented themself, because it cannot be security without danger, serenity without restlessness. Elegguá takes red and black necklace, while Echu, white and black, as her attires, are a small jacket, pants and a hat. In the hand, they have the hook, a kind of wooden hook of two or three feet long. According to the legend Elegguá is Okuboros son, king of Añagui.

One day, being still a child, he saw a brilliant light with three eyes on the floor. He came closer and checked out it was a coconut. He took it to palace, and told his parents what he had seen and then threw the coconut behind a door. After a while, all were surprised when seeing the light coming out of the fruit. After three days Elegguá died. Everybody began respecting the coconut that continued shining. But the time passed and people forgot about the coconut.

The town went gradually into difficulties, until it arrived to a desperate situation. In order to face the bad moment, the elders of the place got together to meditate on the causes of their misfortune and to find a solution.

The conclusion was that the misfortunes were due to the rejection of the coconut and when they looked it, they saw indeed that it was empty and eaten by the bugs.

Elegguá The elders agreed to do something lasting and thought of placing a sacred stone where Elegguá died and that was his birth as orisha. Mondays are the days to assist him, and his party takes place on January 1st.

This orisha is son of Obatalá and Yemú. In the yoruba religion is recognized as a child, for that reason is mischievous, mocking and kind of silly, but very hard-working for the ones who possess him and believes on him.

Holder: Ceramic pot where he rests.

Attributes: All type of objects used in the infantile games.

Necklaces: Alternatively in red and black .

Food: Sweets, yellow rice with chicken, fish and smoky jutia, toasted corn, palm nuts oil, tobaccos, liquor, honey, candies.

Sacrificed animals: Male goats, chickens, jutias, deer, turtles, mouse.