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Changó (Saint Barbara) is the orisha of fire, lightening and thunders, wars, dances, music and masculine beauty.

He represents the largest number of human virtues and imperfections: good worker, brave, good friend, but also liar, womanizer, arrogant, and gambler. Thank to a secret resource Osain, the god of plants, prepared for him, he could throw fire by his mouth to defeat his enemies. So many stories are told about him that all of them could make a whole book. He wears a loose shirt and short pants under his knees, all white with red ribbons.

In his necklace alternate both colours. His number is six (Obbara). Friday is his day and the 4th day of every month. His specific day is December 4th. He is the patron of the warriors and the storms. He is considered the owner of all women, because he had love affairs with all the orishas, who were mad about him.

ChangóHe is a good father while the child is obedient, but he does not admit a coward or homosexual child. He is the father of the Ibeyis (the Twins). He feels respect by the dead. His three wives are: Oba (the legitimate), Oshún (mother of the Ibeyis), and Oyá (ex wife of his brother Ogún).

According to some opinions, Changó is the song of Obbatalá and Aggayú Solá; some others say his mother is Yemayá ( who presents sometimes as his adoptive mother, because she raised him). Osain is his godfather, who gave him the secret of the plants. He rides a horse, his loyal companion.

Receptacle: wooden foot tub with lid.

Attributes: an axe of two wide blades resembling petals, a cup, a sword, an axe of two edges, a sceptre where the tub rests, a mace, a curved sword, a castle and a drum.

Necklace: alternate red and white beads.

Meals: Bananas, porridge of maize flour, gumbo, and red fruits, palm tree nuts oil and dry wine.

Sacrificed animals: Lambs, roosters, quail, turtles and Guinea-hens.