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Babalu Ayé

Babalú Ayé (Saint Lazarus) is respected in Nigeria, where he was worshipped in the jungles in times of long drought.

This deity deals with the diseases of sexual transmission, the skin, the leprosy, and the small pox, in general terms all the affections of human beings. In some versions Babalú Ayé represents epidemics. Wednesday is his day and his feast on December 17th. Color: white, blue, red, and yellow (they change according to the way)

The name Babalú AyBabalú Ayéé has a Lucumí origin, he is also known as Agróniga-Omobitasa, who was one of Yemayá lovers. For some other people he is an ill old man, the eldest of the Babalú.

Receptacle: ceramic pot covered with another wider and deeper pot.

Attributes: The Ajá, made of a bunch of coconut tree or palm tree branches which is covered in one of its extremes with sack –cloth, they are adorned with shells and beads.

Necklace: Black, red, matipó, ,white and with blue stripes beads. According to the path of the orisha is the necklace.

Sacrificed animals: big beard goats, roosters pigeons, Guinea -hens, the quail in some ways.

Tool: two metallic dogs, two aid walkers, and a rattle.