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Aggayu Solá

The orisha of the dry earth, of the desert, is Aggayú Solá (Saint Christopher).

He is the patron of the walkers, drivers, aviators and stevedores. He is Changós father. His refuge is the palm tree, mainly when he is in a difficult situation. He likes to carry children in his shoulders and is well known by his long steps and because he raises his legs very high.

The forces of the earth belonging to him symbolized his tremendous energies, as the power of the river, the lava of the volcanoes, the earthquakes. He is the crutch of Obatalá and Oroiña is his mother. His character is warlike and irascible. He stays away of the superficial things of life, takes the devotees through difficult obstacles, but provides them at the same time with a strong interior strength.

Aggayú SoláHe is compared to the Greek god Pan. It is said that in the process of creating the earth Aggayú Sola absorbed the fire in the entrails of the earth.

Receptacle: glazed earthenware tub, or a wooden one.

Attributes: A axe.

Necklace: Beads coloured cacao, matipo, pearl like, turquoise, red, yellow and green.

Meals: all kind of fruits, cookies with palm tree nuts oil.

Sacrificed animals: Goat, rooster, pigeon, guinea- hen