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Mother of life and all orishas, she is the owner of the waters and represents the sea (in the cost, because in the depths Olokun reigns). Her punishments are hard and her anger terrible, although she acts with justice. She symbolizes perfection, hard work, subordinate occupations, service, health, efficiency and tame animals.

It is a major orisha. She was Babalú Ayé, Agayú, Orula and Oggúns wife. She likes hunting and to handle the machete. She is untameable and clever. Seven is her number and her day is Saturday. Her colors are blue and white.

For that reason her elegant dress is intense blue, the same as the beads of her necklace which alternated with transparent ones. The animals sacrificed to her are the ram, the rooster, the pigeons, the guineo, the turtle, the duck, the hen, the parrot, the goose, the quail.

Yemayá is friend of good company and splendour. Although she is a virtuous and wise mother, is also cheerful. Protects against afflictions related to the persons stomach or those that imply damage or death through the fresh water or the sea, rains or humidity.

The Yemayá food are the Ochinchin (stew shrimps, capers, boiled eggs, beet and tomato), ekó ( corn tamal that remains the whole day into water, then it is milled in a morta.

It is cooked in a pan with no fat or salt while beating it, is given a pyramid form and then wrapped up in fresh banana leaves) , olelé (soak some caritas beans into water, remove their the skin by scratching it, then make a pasta and add some salt, cut some garlic and onions and also add pieces of ginger to the dough. Fry in hot fat with a little bag of of annatto.

When its very hot, pour it on the dough of beans that had been previously beaten. Stuffed this pasta into papers molds) She also has okra with rolls made of plantain or roots, black beans cooked with no broth or corn, roasted maize meal with syrup, burnt coconut, four whole fishermen in a white plate with blue line, syrup, palm tree nut and husk, cress, lettuce, endive, beet and chayote.

When she is angry she must have cress, lettuce, chayote and purslane, to refresh their otá. Her favorite fruit is the water melon, although also pineapples, papayas, grapes, water pears, apples, bananas and oranges are included. She is used to have.