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Goddess of the flashes, the storms and the winds. The violent and impetuous Oyá (Virgin of the Candelaria), loves the war and accompanies Changó in her battles. She is the owner of the cemetery and lives in its door, near Obba and Yewá, the other "dead ones ".

She is distinguished for the colors of her skirt. It has nine colors but does not include black, and the iruke (kind of brush with long fibres) that brandishes in her right hand. Her necklace is brown, white and black. Her number is nine. She is a ferocious warrior that rides to the war with Changó (she shares the lightings and the fires with him) . She was once Oggúns wife. When she is calm is a rural, hardworking, affectionate, sweet and concerned woman.

She is the Goddess of the Niger. The woodcarvings that represent her show a nine head goddess, allusive to the nine outlets of that river. Represents one of the top five elements of human beings existence.

The atmosphere, the air that we breathe. She is one of the first Olofis assistants. When something happens or when somebody is born or dies she is the first one in getting to know it, communicating that immediately to the orishas by means of the wind, her messenger.

For this reasons Oyá assists the health of sick persons. Her days are Fridays and Sundays.