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He is one of the oldest orishas of the yoruba vault. God of minerals and tools. Pattern of the blacksmiths and blacksmith himself. He also dominates the secrets of the forest and knows how to use them in enchantments.

With his physical strength, personifies the warrior and the irascible and strong man. His children are the proper ones to sacrifice animals, because Oggún is the owner of kuanagdó (knife). He dresses himself as mariwó (skirt made of palm tree leaves) and with a ribbon around the head. He holds a machete which he uses to cut the thicket where he walks. His necklaces are green and black, and sometimes purple.

He lived with their parents (Obatalá and Yemú) and his brothers Ochosi and Elegguá. Oggún was crazily in love with his mother and tried to rape her several times, but Elegguá did everything to avoid it. At the end, Oggún fulfilled his purpose, but he was surprised by his father Obatalá, and before he could say anything, Oggún himself said: "I will curse myself. While the world is the world I will only work for the Ocha." Then, he left to the forest with the only company of his dogs, he hided from mankind and only his brother Ochosi, the hunter was able to see him.

Oggún worked without resting, producing irons, but he was very sad and in displeasure with himself and began using powders ofoché, so that tragedy could dominate the world. At that time, Ochún entered in the forest, she attracted him with her songs and made him try the honey of life.

Then Oggún lost his bitterness. He controls and dominates the mysteries of the forest, help surgeries and operations, owns the chains, walks around the forests, but it is difficult to take him out of them. He began a strong fight with Changó, in spite of being brothers they are enemies, because Changó stole his wife Oyá. Together with Elegguá, he lives at the back of the houses door, which he also takes cares for.

Tuesday is the day of the week to assist him, although in general all warriors are assisted together on Monday, the day to assist Elegguá.

Holder: Iron pan (foundry), where the tools that define him are placed.

Attributes: All working metal instruments and weapons.

Necklaces: Green and black alternately from seven to seven. They are red and purple in Matanzas.

Food: The same given to Elegguá, but sweets and candies.

Sacrificed animals: Goat, chickens, jutías, pigeons and guineas.