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The most beautiful and youngest orisha Ochun (Nuestra Señora de la Caridad del Cobre, patroness of Cuba), is the goddess of love, femininity and the river, which represents purification. Symbol of feminine coquetry, attractiveness and sensuality, she accompanies Yemaya and was the one who brought the snail (the first that spoke) to men, with the purpose of orienting them by means of the oracle and using it as currency.

Thats the reason why it is said that wealth comes with her. Cheerful and glad, she wears a luxurious yellow dress, with six golden bracelets. Her collar is also of yellow and amber beads. Ochun is the wife of Shango, grandmother of Eleggua, who protects her, and mother of Oyá.

When she comes down to a celebration, paroxysm and frenzy are reached. Saturday is its day and her festivity is celebrated every September 7th. Although she is of loving nature, she is also very touchy and can become choleric and vindictive. She also represents gentleness, gold and fresh water (she lives in a river). She is invoked as a protector in pregnancies and deliveries.

In Africa Oshun is black, whereas in Cuba, mulata. This Orisha possesses 16 ways or circumstances, and was the only one who managed to sweeten Oggun with her enchantments, dominated him and unexpectedly removed him from his mounts.

She is a defender of her children and also very straight with them, because she is very severe in her punishments.

Receptacle: Yellow plate, colourful with golden borders.

Attributes: Fans of sandalwood, jewels, mirrors and objects of the woman dressing table, two copper oars and five golden handles (bracelets).

Necklace: 5 yellow beads followed by beads with the corresponding colour, according to the way of the orisha.

Meals: Honeybees, butter of cored (d'endé oil), cinnamon, sweet oranges, tamales, yellow rice and fine candies.

Sacrificed animals: Chickens, pigeons, neutered goats, guinea-hen, and peacock.