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Two of the main ethnic and cultural trunks of the Cuban nationality are the Spanish and the African ones.

This complex process of cross over and mix have brought as consequence a sui generis religious composition.

The Spanish colonizer imposed its culture, language and religion: Catholicism, but the African slaves also contributed to this process.

The Virgin Caridad del Cobre

The Virgin Caridad del Cobre is also worshiped in Afro-Cuban syncretic cults as Ochún, the goddess of love and money, the patroness of the fresh waters. Her feast is on September 8th; even from the previous day offers of all kinds are made to her.

Saint Lazarus

The cult of Saint Lazarus is one of the most popular traditions in the Island. This worship emerged of the catholic and Yoruba religions and it is related to a poor leprous man, a friend of Jesus, revived in a biblical parable.

On December 17th many believers travel from every part of the country to visit the Sanctuary of Saint Lazarus, in a place named El Rincón, 25 kilometres south Havana. It is a small catholic hermitage placed next to a hospital for persons suffering from leprosy.