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The Ibeyis

They are the Celestial twins (Saints Cosma and Damian or Saints Justa and Rufina who share the love of all the family of orishas.

They are considered childrens patrons, and they generally live n the palm trees. They defeated the evil. They are also the patrons of the barbers and surgeons. Sunday is their day, and their feast is on September 27th.

The IbeyiThe twins orishas, a male and a female are children of Changó and Ochún, although they were raised by Yemeyá. They are playful, restless and love to relish and to taste sweet things. Through the Ibeyis is possible to overcome many difficulties. Peace, serenity, stillness are also found on them.

They are orishas of confirmation and fortune.

Receptacle: Two little pots, usually a red and white one, and a blue and white one.

Attributes: Two little dolls carved in wood.

Meals: All kind of fruits, sweets, yellow rice, pop corn, palm tree nuts oil.

Sacrified animals: Chicken and pigeons.