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The Babalawo

The word babalawo in Yoruba language means father of knowledge or divination (from babá, father, and awo, divination).

It is the higher hierarchy in the Regla de Ochá, because they are the bearers of the knowledge contented in the Holy Book of Ifá, the most complex oracle have ever existed. According to the cultural orthodoxy, the babalawo is in charge of the warrior orishas, the first step in the consecration in the santeria.

This ministry imposes a social and private behaviour, but its most relevant feature is the constant study of nature and the universe, and above all the Holy Book or Oddun Treaty. In this extensive work prevails the symbolism and an elaborated esoteric language, which makes difficult its interpretation. BabalawoSo that, the obligation of Olúo (wise man as it is also known the babalawo) to study the Ifá.

The believers attend to the Awó to solve all kind of problems (personal, health, spiritual, economical, marital…) because the Ifá reflects all lifes situation and its solutions. A theory of the devotees says: "Everything already had happened once in the world, it was written in the Holy Book. It is only required the material or the action to fill the space we inhabit for a moment."

It is possible to achieve the ministry of Ifá after doing Ochá (saint) or directly, if the oracle says so. The consecration last for seven days as well, but with different characteristics and rituals.