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Ituto Ritual

This is the most discreet ritual of all the religious practices in the syncretic Afro Cuban religion. If in some days of the initiation the iyawo can be visited by relatives and friends in the house of the godfather or godmother of the saint, or in the case of the ebbos and propitiatory parties can participate both, devotes and non consecrated guests, in the case of the ituto, only the initiated are part of it. This burial ceremony is only made to those who were consecrated in any of the rules, in other words, those who had a second "birth".

The orthodoxy advices no to bury the attributes the person receive in life. The ituto is celebrated in a certain moment of the wake when all the relatives should leave the room.

The persons in charge of the ritual free the body of its "charge" and find out through the oracle the final destiny of the tools and receptacles of the cult. They could be either buried or placed in a mountain, in the basin of a river, throw to the sea or inherited by a godson or close relative, as well as other alternatives.