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Ebbó Ritual

Ebbo or ritual cleaning is the most common propitiatory practices in the Afro-Cuban. It has different forms and procedures according the objectives. Some of them are to reinforce or improve the physical or spiritual, or to obtain a social or economic promotion, prevent the arm of the justice, avoid an unfortunate ending in love or private relations and even to have the assistance of gods in having happy endings. All this is in order to achieve an important event in the life of the devotees or any other person demanding this service of this religion.

The elements used are diverse and vary according to the matter to be solved, the nature and the results of the work the person can make. Different materials are used according to the final objective. For instance, seeds, plants, roots, water (fresh water, from the sea or reservoir), birds, animals, delicious meals, bills and coins, mechanic tools, bones, etc.

The procedures are even diverse. It goes from rubbing the object to the persons body " in this case to harmonize the person vibrations and to maintain away the bad influences", or the offering to some orishas of their favourite meals, the blood of the consecrated animals which the devotees may eat a following a specific recipes, if the oracle advice so.

This ritual is also made as a thank giving, when a request has been granted. The practice of human sacrifices was erased of these cults, even at the time they have not left Africa yet.