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The fifteen birthday

As most of the traditions, this celebration nourishes from many origins, one of them could be the so called party for the introduction to the society, very popular in Europe and held in the 19th century.

In Spain was named La Puesta de Largo (dressing long), to honour the girls who wore elegant dresses for the social nocturnal events for first time. It is also related to the old costume of several native people, in the Caribbean Basin referring to the beginning of the puberty, and therefore fertility age, which was so important at that time.

Cuban families has made of the 15th birthday all an event in the life of the young girls. Also in Central and South America, as well as other islands in the Caribbean celebrate the day with intensity. the fifteen birthdayThere is all an industry, mainly private, related to the event. It goes from the manufacturing of the dress up to the formal clothes of relatives and friends.

The decoration and the girls dress are the center. The well known birthday cake, with creative designs is also very important. Expectation is created when the honoured girl goes to dance the opening vales with her father, a moment of true emotions After dancing with her god father, grandfathers and brothers she joins to the court of other fourteen couples formed by other youngsters.

Thats the way the traditional party goes , the one preserved in the essential album of photos. Nowadays variations go from the introduction of a Rueda de Casino instead of the classic vales, up to the video of the 15th birthday, that has become so essential as the photos were before.

However, many Cuban girls nowadays prefer to be more realistic and celebrate the occasion in a night club with friends, while others prefer to wear the long dress, dreaming to be a princess one day.