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Cuban Compliments: piropos

Sexual attitudes are present in the every day life, in the streets, in the way people move or dress, in the undescriptive blink of an eye that push us to an impenetrable complicity. Admiration by the sexual appearance, the physical or the spiritual opulence it is also expressed aloud.

The piropo (a compliment) is the channel to project that joyful charge of imagination in the spirit. Forty years ago it was more delicate and elegant, nowadays, although it keeps its original charm, it applies to modern resources. For instance our parents used the night (her eyes are dark as the night), to nature (if the sea were a woman, you will be its queen), to religion (God created women so that I could meet you), and even floristry (you are the favourite flower in my garden). Nowadays the piropos are different.

They keep their charm, but they are less poetic and more realistic. You could hear: El Piropowith those fishermen pants I wound not hesitate to be fished by you; I wish I were a computer to have you navigate in my Internet. Some of them survived decades and are in used today. If you cook the way you walk, Id eat it all. In some cases the piropos can be offensive and rude, but always have a witty touch of poetry.

The final goal: the conquest. Lets read some of the most popular ones:

"From what toy store did you escape, pretty doll?"
"Why is doing a star flying down here?"
"I wish I had crazy eyes to see you twice!"
"If kissing you were a sin, I would volunteer to go to hell."
"Dont worry if you are married … Im not jealous!"
"With a candy like you, I would not mind to suffer from diabetes."
"Whats going on in heaven? Angels are falling?"

The anthology of good piropos would be infinite. All of them intent to exalt and maintain the passion. As the story of an old man, who passed near an old lady every afternoon and always said a compliment.

One day, he took all his courage and said: Madame, how long those eyes will be brightening? The lady replied: As long as the compliment last.