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Why is it called Varadero?

It is well known as the most famous beach in the Cuban coasts. Tourist of all over the world visit the place searching for fresh air, clean sands, safet and comfortable accommodation in four and five stars hotels. However, very few persons know about the origin of the Blue Beach. In the 19th century many sailors began to cast anchors in these shores with the purpose of careening their vessels.

Thats the origin of the word Varadero (shipyard). They found and quiet and extremely beautiful place. In the 50s, in the 20th century began the projects for the first constructions which where used by the owners as retirement houses for long period of vacations. Nowadays Varadero and Havana City are the most important touristy destination in Cuba.

Varadero is placed in the northern extreme of the island, occupying a long and narrow peninsula of around 13 miles of fine white sand beaches, contrasting with the warm temperatures of the waters, a true blue dream.

VaraderoThe exploitation of this touristy spot began in 1940. It was founded on December 5th, 1887, when ten families settled in the area. One of the first shops was the Duponts property, named Xanadú. At present the Casa Dupont is a restaurant of international recognition. Varadero beach has some other charms; under its water it is possible to find caves and sea worlds.

Besides, it has a group of virgin keys, places away from communication and noise, where souls and nature exchange stress and sorrow by joy and commitment for future plans, with plenty of strength and hope. Varadero has high quality facilities for commercial and scientific events, as is the case of the Plaza America Convention Centre.

The development of the hotel infrastructure covers the most demanding expectations, but its primary charm is neither in its extraordinary golf field nor in its hotel -chains, but in the nature of its waters where the visitors can walk in for several yards and the water level maintains low.