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The Treasure of Palmarito

Many things have been said about the treasure of Palmarito, a place in the pasture grounds in Jobabo, the present eastern province of Las Tunas, where a wealthy cattle raiser made to bury three bunkers full of gold, three yards underground, with them were also buried three black slaves who used to accompany him.

The treasure is there, but it has to be exhumed with blood, as it was buried. Thats why when an elder talks about the legend the person feels a chill.

This narration made by the historian Victor Manuel Marrero is pure mythology, but it was part of the popular believes for long time. It is also said that someone tried to take his chance and when started to dig the land a strong wind avoided him to continue, because nobody could seize the treasure if an event involving blood was part of it.

Marrero expresses in his book Las Tunas, localidad, cultura e identidad (Las Tunas, locality, culture and identity) the existence of the cagueiros de Caisimú, where hunters were afraid of the apparition of a wild boar which forced them to miss the shot or to down the weapons.

One of the legends was that of the white horse, based on a beautiful animal guided by a headless rider. When they went around the streets of the city of Las Tunas, an event involving blood or a natural disaster could be predicted.
Elders confirm the whole story was real, but most of the people classify them as part of the past.