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The Moróns Rooster

In Cuba when a person wants to tell somebody else that he/she has failed doing something, in terms of love or business they say: "You are as the Moróns rooster, exposed and clacking!" Morón is a municipality in the north area of Ciego de Avila province, also known as Ciudad del Gallo (The Roosters City), because at the towns entrance rises a monument to that bird, giving a welcome to visitors with its opened beak.

Certain customs, cultures and traditions arrived to the Island with the Spanish emigration during the previous centuries. In Seville, Spain there is a municipality named Morón de la Frontera. Many of the emigrants that came to the Island settled in that area. According to historians, at that time there was a politician that used to say in Morón there was no other rooster but himself.

E Gallo de MorónThat phrase gave him the nick name of "the Moróns rooster". One day the inhabitants of the town put an end to the officials outrages and with a massive rally took him out of his office and whacked him throughout the city, which made him run away and never return.

The event was relevant for the Andalusian singers who made up some stanzas telling about the episode: "See it is walking/ as the Moróns rooster/ exposed and clacking/". The Spanish inhabitants of Morón raised a monument in the central park to immortalize their victory. It was a featherless rooster imitating a hens clacking position.

The roster became a symbol of the city after some time. Nowadays its image is the first welcome to the village, placed near the road leading to the touristy spot Coco Cay. However, at present, the bird receiving the visitors is a brave- fighter rooster, with bronze feathers and an original singing every morning at 6:00 oclock sharp.

An electronic system allows hearing the peculiar clacking that reminds the origin of the Moróns rooster.