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The Love Story That Killed Cacique Guamá

Very little is known about the cacique Guamá, leader of an indigenous community in Cuba, in the mountains of Baracoa. This village was one of the first seven founded by the Spaniards in Cuba between 1522 and 1532. cacique Guamá

The name Guamá is not mentioned in the chronicles wrote by Don Fray Luis Bartolomé de las Casas, despite the fact he was relevant due to his audacity in the guerrilla strategy which took him to the territory of Camaguey. He belonged to the Taino community.

It is said he was betrayed and killed by his brother Olguama. Guamá abducted his brothers wife and that was the cause of the assault and killing provoked by a devastating strike in the head. The recent founding of what may be the Caciques remains, along with a treasure, revived the stories of indigenous rebellion against the colony.

The news also brought to life the magic and ancient Baracoa, as well as Guamá, a touristy spot in Ciénaga de Zapata. In this location the Cuban sculptor Rita Longa raised the figure of this cacique surrounded by a Taino settlement.