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Baconao, the Little Indian Boy

The legend of the little Indian boy named Baconao is one of the most beautiful ones of the Island. It is said that in the colonial times, some centuries before the foundation of the village of Santiago de Cuba, in the eastern zone of that Cuban western territory, there was community of the indigenous Taíno culture, which had very fertile lands. Near that settlement grew a tree that the aborigines called Baconá.

This plant had a compact wood, of yellow appearance, a great height and a solid trunk. The Baconá grew very near the coast. The first inhabitants of the Largest Antilles attributed it magic powers.

Taíno villageThe oral tradition tells about a little Indian from this community who went for a walk and found a great mass of blue water, named afterwards as the Baconao Lake. In those banks the boy discovered a big whelk that emitted a pleasant sound, when blowing it. The little Indian boy used to sit down under the shade of a tree, where he played a wonderful music with his whelk.

The residents attributed magic powers to that tree that had granted the secret of this whelk that was able to produce such a new sound to the little Indian boy. Friends named the boy "Baconao". But, the community received a great surprise when they realized the disappearance of the little Indian during one of its habitual walks.

Thats how the legend of the Baconá tree was born, in the place where always can be listened the harmonious sounds of the whelk of little boy from the Taíno village. At the present time, Baconao is a reservation, located in the eastern provinces of the Island, between Santiago de Cuba and Guantánamo. It has a huge amusements park, an aquarium, and a suitable hotel- chain.