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In the fifties of the last century, Mambo appeared with its innovations in the Cuban dance floors and later it would extend throughout the world, especially in Mexico where it would found other exponents.

The new rhythm was the result of an in-depth transformation that took place in the Cuban music in the thirties with new revolutionary changes. Despite other names preceded the process of creation of this genre, pianist Damaso Perez Prado from Matanzas is the one who really structured Mambo.

Its mixing of loud and orchestral elements of American ancestry and the basic percussion and rhythm of Cuban roots are the essence of this transcendental moment in the musical history of the island.

The influence of jazz music is obviously in this music, especially from the one called: swing.

Its choreography is very complex. It is only a rhythm to be danced in pair.

The speed of movements, its dance synchronization and skill, made difficult its length in time.