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The Güije

Some people describe him as a little old black man, some others say he is a monster of medium size, with goats legs and caiman tail; it is also considered a tiny black child with big eyes.

The güije, a character who has become a legend, was born from the fantasy of some places, as the northern of Las Villas, in the central part of Cuba. Many people consider he is real, and affirm they have seen him and feel afraid of him. His behaviour is very similar to that of the elf. It is said he is mischievous and tricky, capable of doing anything. He runs faster than horses and jumps over the stones fences in one spring. He appears or disappears in an eye blink.

There is a belief that he lives in a pool of a river where the water never extinguish. From time to time he shows out of his den; some people affirm that at specific hours. Many stories have been told about this character of the Cuban countryside, but any of them have mentioned he has made harm or hurt a person.

It is said he is able to do anything, but no wrong is recorded, so far. If he exists or not, that‘s not the most important thing. All his legends are colourful and funny; if you listen to them wont be able to forget them.