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The self-taught musician Pepe Sanchez popularized his composition "Tristezas" in Santiago de Cuba towards the year 1883. This musical composition shaped a new dance rhythm that later was all over the city in serenades and other gatherings, it was called: Bolero.

This rhythm has a clear connection with the dance and the habanera in its rhythmic aspect. It took its name from Spanish bolero, however, its structure in two-four time, as well as, other constituent elements are different to the aforementioned.

The new Creole bolero is strongly inspired in its dance mode. The first promoters of this genre were the troubadours. In this song mode, the singer adopts an expressive and talkative style.

From that moment on it was spread to other Latin-American and Caribbean lands like Puerto Rico and Mexico that took it as adopted homelands.

Today, bolero continues imposing its presence in the Cuban music that every year holds "Boleros de Oro" International Festival where exponents of national rhythms and from other parts of the world attend the main stages of the country.